Teaching In China with F&Y Consultant Ltd.


Please visit our Teach In China website where you will find a list of current opportunities to teach in China. Please read on for more information on this service.

Do you want to teach English to students in China? Our schools provide education to students who range from 5 to 22 years of age.

The principle focus of this role will be to teach English at the required level set by the Chinese Educational Standards. As a native speaker, you will have knowledge of the correct grammar and spelling both verbally and written. Due to these specific requirements your placement in China will be valued greatly. One of the huge benefits of this role include the unique opportunity to embrace yourself in an eastern culture in one of China’s increasingly developed cities. This experience will enlighten you to beautiful landscapes, remarkable cuisine, new and exciting art-forms and the chance to visit some of China’s greatest landmarks during your free time.

The work pace for an international teacher in China is generally comfortable, with hours ranging from 20 to 40 per week, depending on your chosen school. The areas you can expect to find teaching vacancies are Beijing, Shanghai, Hunan, Jiangsu.

After completing your first contract, you may want to move onto a different city. with F&Y Consultant Ltd this option is always available, providing we have a suitable role that fits your needs. Moving on to new schools could increase your salary and certainly broaden your teaching experiences. Furthermore, resulting in a very positive outcome for your Curriculum Vitae.